Patton Mountain

This project’s main goal is the “wow” factor. Approached by our client with the concept of using a mirrored cube for a short term rental, it changed rapidly from 2 10’x20′ boxes into what it is now. We wanted this to be simple, clean, and elegant in every way. Situated just 3 miles from the heart of downtown Asheville, Patton Mountain enjoys the convenience of being near downtown while also being fully immersed in nature.

The exterior is a glass curtain wall system with a highly reflective coating to reflect the beautiful views, whether you are enjoying time on the cantilevered deck or outside on the patio. Surrounded by massive pines, families of black bears, and stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Beaver Lake, we want to ensure no view would is missed, regardless of whether you were in, or out of, the house. Supported entirely on steel, the minimal structure feels as if it’s floating off the edge of the mountain.