ASSEMBLY ARCHITECTURE + BUILD is an Asheville-based design-build company with a unique approach to building.

We are a truly unique Asheville Home Builder. Hiring a design-build firm, like Assembly Architecture & Build, that specializes in designing and building energy-efficient homes can offer several benefits over hiring a traditional contractor. With a design-build firm, the entire process from design to construction is managed under one roof, which can help streamline the project, reduce the risk of miscommunications or delays, and keep the project on budget. Additionally, a design-build firm that specializes in energy-efficient homes can offer expertise and innovative solutions that can lead to significant cost savings over the lifetime of the home through reduced energy bills and increased sustainability. By choosing a design-build firm that specializes in energy-efficiency, homeowners can ensure that their home is not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally responsible and cost-effective. Besides being an Asheville home builder we are one of the top architecture firms in Asheville, NC.

At ASSEMBLY ARCHITECTURE + BUILD, we believe that our built environment shapes our daily lives and that a better built environment has the potential to improve our quality of life and conserve the earth’s limited resources.

That’s why we combined the practice of architecture and construction into a single method called Architect Led Design Build. Not only do we produce better work from the consolidated design build practice, our clients experience faster delivery times, less orchestration between separate entities, and less overall project cost. Check out our page on Architect Led Design Build to better understand why this process is revolutionizing the industry.



Being a Asheville Home Builder and Architect Led Design Build streamlines project delivery through a single contract between the owner and the design-build team. This simple but fundamental difference saves the homeowner money and time by transforming the typical relationship of Owner-Architect-Builder in which all entities are separate to a simplified relationship in which the owner can deal with one entity that is responsible for everything. This simplification creates a streamlined alliance which fosters collaboration, teamwork, and a single flow of information between client and design/build team. We are one of the top residential architecture firms in Asheville, NC. 

United from the outset of every project, an integrated team readily incorporates design ideas throughout the project timeline and can rapidly and affordably respond to the client’s requests and changes to the scope of work. There’s one company, one contract, and one contact person throughout the entire process from initial design concept to final project!

Let’s work together to build a better home.


Our experience working with Ross and his team at Assembly A+B has always been exceptional. From their beautiful design aesthetic to their unwavering, high quality execution in building your vision, they help create a beautiful home inside and out for their clients. We, at KERR Woodworking, have been lucky enough to work with them in building custom furniture and built-ins for a few of their projects, and because our aesthetic vision aligns so well with theirs, we always look forward to the next opportunity to work alongside them!

Just moved into my new Assembly house and I could not be happier. The house is stunning – it’s so great to see it come to fruition. Working with Ross and his team from the design phase to moving in was a real pleasure. They have been super responsive to all the inevitable issues that arise in the building process and taken care of them promptly and fairly. The process took a little longer than I expected (and I had hoped) but that was due to the supply chain issues that everyone has faced the last couple years. I’m just so glad to finally be in my new home and feeling the house love big time! I would highly recommend Assembly to anyone looking to build in Asheville- especially if you want something unique and special – Ross is an incredible architect, and the build team executed his design flawlessly. Will share some pics after I finish unpacking.

Ross and his team at Assembly are phenomenal! They custom built me a house in West Asheville that I am over the moon happy with. Ross is both an architect and contractor and his design for my house was so cool… so much so that it was recently featured in Dwell. And as for the building process, they are great communicators and very reliable, they stayed on schedule and on budget and were really transparent in helpful ways. I had such a positive experience working with them and would recommend them full heartedly!

Our homes have been featured in Dwell Magazine, Curbed, Reveal Magazine, and Floyd Furniture